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Welcome to McCartney's Journeys in Genealogy.

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Genealogy, the researching of our heritage and ancestral roots, can be many things to many people. To the professional, it's a livelihood. To author Alex Haley, it became the research for his book, Roots. To the rest of us, genealogy is just a hobby.    'Just' a hobby?    An obsession is more like it.

This site is about McCartney genealogy and the study of one branch of the McCartney family tree. Here you will find the history of my family along with a few family legends and some photographs.

The site also contains information about McCartney people whom we have encountered but who are not directly related to our branch of the McCartney tree. These items can be found in the McCartney Research portion of the site. We have presented the data in the hope that it will assist researchers of other branches of the McCartney tree.

Finally, there are a few articles about both history and genealogy along with some free eBooks.

Please, browse the site and contact us if you have questions or suggestions. If you wish to submit an article, either genealogical or historical, you will, of course, be given full credit for your work.

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Enjoy your Journeys in Genealogy.

George McCartney