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Anderson/Hanson Genealogy

THANK YOU, RUSSELL GRIMSHAW! Russell lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is the family historian for the Anderson branch of our family. He supplied all of the information concerning Anderson/Hanson/Surko genealogy. He has opened a great deal of family history we were not aware of.

Anderson Genealogy

The Andersson family has its roots in the Osterplana area of Sweden. Nowadays, the family surname has been Americanized and is spelled Anderson. Osterplana lies approximately 100 miles northeast of Goteborg (Gothenburg) and is adjacent to the southeast shore of Lake Vanerm.

Anders Gustaf Andersson, born in 1821, died at the age of 70 in 1891, was a brick maker by trade. He married Charlotta Almkvist (c 1847). Charlotta died of tuberculosis in 1864. They had two daughters:

Johanna Andersdotter (1848 - 1891), married Johan Lind (1849 - 1937) about 1874. They had 5 children, all born in Forshem, Sweden: Anna, Johan, Maria, Edla, Alida and Emilia. Maria Lind (1879 - 1960) married Nils Peterson (1858 - 1951) about 1913 in Minnesota after emigrating from Sweden in 1903. Many of their progeny continue to live in Minnesota and other communities in the western U.S.

Maja Greta Anderson (1855 - 1904), married Sanfrid Per Thorin (1858 - 1925) in 1883. They had 3 children, all born in Hjalstad, Sweden: David, Greta and Marta. Their families continue to live in Sweden.

In 1866 Anders remarried. His new bride was Cajsa Fredrika Johansdotter (1837 - 1926). They had five children:

Amanda Anderson (1867 - 1945).

Kristina Anderson (1870 - 1873) was only 3 years old when she was stricken with Scarlet Fever and died.

Anders Gustaf Anderson, Jr. (1874 - 1953) married Hulda Jansson (1875 - 1952) in 1897. They had 5 children. In letters to Amanda, he signs his name as Gustaf and, sometimes, as Gustav. He was employed as a stoneworker.

Emma Martina Anderson (1876 - 1911).

Karl August Anderson (1880 - 1956). Karl changed his surname to Karlen for some unknown reason. The name has also been anglicized to Carlen. Karl was a stonecutter. In 1904, he married Hilma Kraft (1883 - 1963) and they had 9 children. In a 1932 letter to Amanda, Karl writes, "It is strange to think that we will never meet. Soon, life has passed and we, sisters and brothers, haven't met. I was quite a little boy when you left". In fact, 40 years had passed since Amanda immigrated to America and Karl would have been only 12 years old at that time.

Photo of Cajsa Anderson circa 1920.
Casja Andersson circa 1920