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Genealogical Articles

From time to time we have come across hints and suggestions that have helped us in our research. Some of theses have been documented here for your use. Hopefully, they will be as helpful for you as they were for us.

Also, there is an article relating to reasons why someone might be interested in pursuing genealogy as a hobby.

Unlike the historical articles, there is no direct relationship between any of these articles, so the only way you can go from one to another is via the navigation on the left.

The article titles What is an Ahnentefal? describes just what this genealogical tool is and how to use it.

The Rules of Genealogical Evidence were established by the National Genealogical Society. While they are not enforced a civil and criminal laws are, they are wonderful guidelines for doing research.

Double Check Everything, Ports of Entry and Irish Records are helpful hints that may save you some work and frustration in your research. They are combined into one page. The navigation links will take you to that specific portion of the page.

Enjoy Your Journeys in Genealogy