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McCartney's Journeys

Historical Articles

Over the years, during my genealogical research, topics have been encountered that have peaked my interest and caused tangential investigations. These have ranged from the Celts to heraldry to cordwainers (shoemakers). I have taken many notes on these subjects. What is presented here are articles I have written based on those notes.

The articles are broken into several pages for each subject. For example, there are six articles and a bibliography for the Celts. The best way to read them is in the order listed in the navigation box to the left. To facilitate this, at the end of each article are links to the previous and next articles. This is done for the Heraldry and Cordwainer articles as well.

There are also articles about the origin of the McCartney name and some famous, or perhaps infamous, members of the McCartney tree. I hope you enjoy the articles and find something useful and amusing in them.

If you have any interesting fact or stories about McCartneys in history, thoughts about the McCartney name origin or any subject that might be of interest to other McCartneys and would like to share them, please contact me. If I use your material, you will, of course, be given full credit.