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Welcome to our articles section.

Currently, the only essays presented were written by the web master, George McCartney. Being retired, he has ample free time to pursue his many varied interests. He has researched these interests extensively. Though not a professional writer, George has documented his research. The essays presented here resulted from some of that research and documentation.

There are five articles presented. Three of the articles, "Celtic History", "What is a Cordwainer" and "Heraldry", have more than one page. The navigation will take you to the first page of the article. At the bottom of that page will be a link to the next page. All subsequent pages will have links to the preceding page and the following page.

If you have interests related to genealogy or history and have documented all or part of those interests, please consider contributing an article to our site. You will, of course, be given full credit for your work.

To submit an essay, use our contact us page. Tell us what the article is about, how many chapters or pages and the format it is in - i.e. Microsoft Word or a text or rich text document - and its length. We will send you an email about how to submit it.

Enjoy your reading. And, as always, feel free to contact us with comments and/or suggestions.