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World War I - The War Ends

World War 1 Articles


There were a number of peace treaties signed at the end of the war. The six major treaties will be discussed here.

Villa Giusti Armistice

3 November 1918: The Italian army had devastated the Austrian-Hungarian forces in October of 1918 to the extent that Austria sued for peace. The armistice treaty was signed on 3 November of that year

Treaty of Versailles

28 June 1919: This was the most important treaty to be negotiated after the war. While the war ended on 11 November 1918, it took six months to author the main treaty between the Allies and the German/Austrian governments. Germany had to relinquish territory disarm and not re-arm their military and pay reparations to the allied nations.

The amount of the reparations was so large that I destroyed the German economy. The strain on the people created severe unrest and gave rise to Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party and World War II.

There were over fifty nations represented at the conference, but only the major allied nations were the developers of the document. Those countries were the United States, Great Britain, France Italy and Japan. After the document was agreed to, it was signed by representatives of 66 nations.

Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye

10 September 1919: A separate treaty was needed between Austria-Hungary and the Allies. Austria-Hungary was required to consult with the League of Nations prior to engaging in any territorial or political agreements with other nations. The United States was not a member of the League of Nations, so they did not sign the treaty.

Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine

10 September 1919: This treaty was between Bulgaria and the Allies. It required Bulgaria to reduce the size of its army, give up territory and make reparations of £100 million.

Treaty of Trianon

4 june 1920: Hungary was reduced in size. The change to its borders was extensive.

Treaty of Sevres

10 August 1920: This treaty did not involve all of the allied nations. It existed between the Ottoman Empire, Italy. France and Britain. Neither Russia nor the United States took part in this treaty.

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