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Genealogy, the researching of our heritage and ancestral roots, can be many things to many people. To the professional, it's a livelihood. To author Alex Haley, it became the research for his book, Roots. To the rest of us, genealogy is just a hobby.    'Just' a hobby?    An obsession is more like it.

My family origins on the McCartney side center around Portglenone and Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and a slight touch of Scotland. On my mother's side, the Andersons hailed from Sweden.

We really don't know much about some of my McCartney ancestors, but what we do know is presented on the McCartney Ancestors page. Where we have details about a person, that name will link to a page with the person's biography. While the Andersons have their own section, they also appear in the ahnentafel.

We also have a group of collateral relatives that are descendant from the brother of a direct-line ancestor. Look them over. If you know anything about them, please, contact me.

If you don't know how to read an ahnentafel, please read the brief explanation What is an Ahnentafel.