McCartney's Journeys

McCartney Genealigical Research

From time to time we have come across data about a Macartney/McCartney who could not immediately be connected to our family. The data is from our research in Irish and Scottish registries, ships' manifests, Slater's and Pigot's directories and several other random places. Additional data will be added when discovered and time allows. Review each page by using the navigation on the left.

Dundrennan Abbey is about the ruins of a religious establishment in Scotland. There are many inscriptions on the walls of the building which mention McCartney people and their families.

Origin of the Name presents several thoughts about the beginning of the McCartney name.

The Prominent McCartneys has brief discussions about McCartney people who have become famous in their own right. Though very famous, Paul McCartney is not listed. There are many websites detailing his music, talents and life.

Random Finds lists information about McCartneys that we have come across, but are not in our ancestral line. Hopefully, this information may provide leads for other researchers.

The Helpful Links page contains a number of links to other websites that have been helpful to us. Over sixty links have been listed, broken up by type. The genealogical sites include such topics as instructional guides, travel, DNA testing, legal aspects and much more. There is also a research group with links to sites in several countries.

Hopefully, you will find something of value in these pages.