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Random McCartney Finds

Two given names in Ireland that were, and probably still are quite common are John and Andrew. Both names are common in our family. As we researched our ancestors, we encountered many people who were called by those names. Even though we refined our search to shoe and boot makers, we still found many John and Andrew records.

Below are listed those people that we found who are not related to our line. They are presented with the hope that they will be recognized by another researcher and the data supplied will help to advance his or her ancestral line.

Both groups were found on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family Search (IGI) website. In the first group are all John McCartney shoemakers who arrived at Ellis Island, New York, USA, in 1903. The second group was found while researching an ancestor named Andrew.

John Andrew McCartney
Birth: 2 May 1874 Ireland
Death: 4 Sep 1953 Pittsburgh, PA
Spouse: Estella Wolf
Marriage: About 1905
Occupation: Shoemaker
John MaCartney
Birth: 16 JAN 1872 Antrim, Ireland
Father: William MaCartney
Mother: Mary Ann Marlow
occupation: Shoemaker

John McCartney
Birth: 19 OCT 1873 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
Father: William McCartney
Mother: Margaret Sheerer
Occupation: Shoemaker
John McCartney
Birth: 30 MAY 1873 Ireland
Father: John McCartney
Mother: Margaret Talor
Occupation: Shoemaker
John McCartney
15 SEP 1873 Antrim, Ireland
Father: John McCartney
Mother: Jane Darragh
Occupation: Shoemaker

John McCartney
Birth: 21 Oct 1873 Londonderry, Ireland
Father: John McCartney
Mother: Mary Hunter
Occupation: Shoemaker
John McCartney
Birth: 29 MAR 1874 Antrim, Ireland
Father: Robert McCartney
Mother: Ellen Rea
Occupation: Shoemaker

Children of Andrew McCartney and Ellen Campbell
Birth: 01 May 1865
Londonderry, Ireland
Birth: 13 May 1867
Kilrea, Londonderry, Ireland
Mary Jane
Birth: 31 Dec 1868
Londonderry, Ireland
Birth: 05 MAY 1870
Londonderry, Ireland
Hester Rebecca
29 Jun 1872
Kilrea, Londonderry, Ireland
Robert Campbell
Birth: 13 Dec 1873
Ballymoney, Londonderry, Ireland
Birth: 23 Dec 1875d
BallymoneyLondonderry, Ireland
William George
Birth: 20 Feb 1880
Moneysallin, Londonderry, Ireland