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This page contains a list of every page on the McCartney's Journeys website. The pages are listed alphabetically within the five major groups. On each listing the name of the page is a link to the actual page. The link is followed by a brief description of the page content.

McCartney's Journeys    The home page for McCartney's Journeys.

Genealogical Articles

What is "Ahnentafel"?    An explanation of the use of a family genealogical chart.

Historical Articles

Celtic History

Celtic History Bibliography    Sources and additional reading for the Celtic articles.

Celtic Communities    An article about Celtic communal life.

Celtic Decline    All societies decline. So too did the Celtic society.

Celtic Origins    Where did the Celtic people come from? Some speculations.

Celtic Religion    The Celtic beliefs and worship.

Celtic Skills    The Celtic farmers, metal workers and miners were very inventive people.

Celtics at War    The Celtic men are mostly remembered as fierce fighters.

Cordwainer or Shoemaker

What is a Cordwainer?    Cordwainers made shoes from new Cordovan leather.

The Cordwainer Guilds    Cordwainers were registered in guilds, an early form of union.


What is Heraldry?    A brief introduction to heraldry.

Heraldic Concepts    What the Heraldic symbols stand for.

Heraldic Legitimacy    The legal uses of heraldry and Coats of Arms.

World War 1

World War 1, Briefly    A brief discussion about World War 1.

McCartney-Anderson Genealogy

McCartney Genealogy    This is a directory to the Web Master's genealogy.

Anderson Genealogy    A directory to the Web Master's maternal genealogy.

Emma Anderson    A page about the maternal grandmother of the Web Master.

Hanson Genealogy    The Web Master's grandmother's sister and her family.

Andrew McCartney 1807    The Web Master's great, great, great grandfather.

Henry McCartney 1828    The Web Master's great, great grandfather.

Henry McCartney 1851    The brother of the Web Master's great grandfather.

Henry McCartney 1875    The Web Master's grandfather.

James McCartney 1852    The Web Master's great grandfather.

James McCartney 1903    The Web Master's uncle.

John McCartney 1897    The Web Master's father.

John McCartney's Military Experience    The Web Master's father's World War 1 Service.

Collateral Relatives    Facts about relatives who are not in the Web Master's direct ancestry.

McCartney Research

McCartney Genealogical Research    A brief description of, and kinks to the research pages.

1851 Irish Census for County Antrim    McCartney members from the 1851 Census for County Antrim, Ireland.

Dundrennan Abbey    A list of McCartneys inscribed on the walls at Dundrennan Abbey.

Helpful Links    A list of other sites which have genealogical information.

Origin of the McCartney Name    Some thoughts on where the McCartney name originated.

Prominent McCartneys    Some McCartneys who were famous or, possibly, infamous.

Random McCartney Finds    Some McCartney data that may be helpful to other researchers.

George McCartney's Art

George's Art    A slideshow of some of the webmaster's sketches..

The Site

About Us    A brief discussion about the web master and the site's technical development.

Contact Us    A form to contact us with questions and/or comments.

Our Copyright and Privacy Policies    Our copyright and privacy policies and legal data.

Thank You    A thank you note for contacting us with questions and/or comments.

What's New    A list of changes made to the web site in reverse chronological order.

Site Map    This page - which is a categorical list of every page on the site.