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McCartney's Journeys will, on occasion, be modified: page content may be changed; pages may be added for new topics; other pages removed. It is an on-going process to keep the site relevant.

It seems strange to say "keep the site relevant" when genealogy is about family history and history doesn't change. However, new data can be discovered and reported, new research techniques can be developed and new articles can be written. So, it is possible to "keep the site relevant".

This page, on the other hand, will contain a list of the most recent changes, additions and/or deletions to the site. The changes will be shown in reverse chronological order: the newest at the top of the page and the oldest at the bottom.

29 August 2021

McCartney Ancestors

Thanks to recent research, there were many changes to existing data and additional new data added to the McCartney ahnentafel. Details for some people were updated and several new people were added.

2 August 2021

World War I Articles have been affected by this recent change: three were modified and five were added.

The Beginning
Pre-war Treaties
The Belligerents

The text of all three articles was modified to include navigation to all eight articles

The Major battles - 1914 to 1916
The major Battles - 1916 to 1918
The War Ends
Technology and the War
Interesting Facts

These five articles was added.

14 March 2021

World War 1 - The Beginning
World War 1 - Pre-war Treaties
World War 1 - The Belligerents

The text of all three articles was expanded. Section titles were also added.

12 March 2021

Celtic Bibliography
Celtic Community
Celtic Decline
Celtic Origins
Celtic Religion
Celtic Skills
Celts at War

All seven of the Celts articles (pages) were modified by adding specific navigation to each of the celtic articles. This navigation was added at the top of each page next to the navigation to the other articles.

World War I, Briefly

This page was removed. It is being replaced by eight articles which detail the different aspects of the war.

The following three articles about World War 1 were added. The remaining four articles will follow - hopefully, two per week.

World War 1, The War Begins

This article covers the events leading up to the war and the initial involvement of the primary participants.

World War 1, Pre-war Treaties

Many of the primary European nations involved had signed treaties of mutual assistance in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that precipitated certain actions at the start of the war.

World War 1, The Belligerents

While there were fourteen major belligerents, colonization by those nations caused a total of one hunded countries to be involved in the war.