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McCartney's Journeys will, on occasion, be modified: page content may be changed; pages may be added for new topics; other pages removed. It is an on-going process to keep the site relevant.

It seems strange to say "keep the site relevant" when genealogy is about family history and history doesn't change. However, new data can be discovered and reported, new research techniques can be developed and new articles can be written. So, it is possible to "keep the site relevant".

This page, on the other hand, will contain a list of the most recent changes, additions and/or deletions to the site. The changes will be shown in reverse chronological order: the newest at the top of the page and the oldest at the bottom.

November 26, 2019

World War 1, Briefly

The article, World War 1, Briefly, was expanded to add more details concerning the scope of the war and its various participants.

November 22, 2019

McCartney's Journeys

The entire site was redesigned. Not only was the appearance changed, some pages were consolidated, some were moved to different folders and some were dropped, but may be re-added later.