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About the Site

This site is hosted by GoDaddy. They offer many levels of hosting, from the personal to the professional level, domain registration and much more, all at very reasonable rates.

The coding for the site is HTML 5.0. An external cascading stylesheet (CSS 3) has been used and where necessary page-specific styles or line-specific styles are also used. More importantly, no frames were used because they can cause problems in some browsers.

We have added CSS commands to change the highlighting colors. Normal highlight colors are white text on blue background . The colors on this site are gold text on a dark brown background. My thanks to Dennis Gaskill, aka Boogie Jack, for the code to perform this change.

There are many tutorials and programming aides on Dennis's website and in his newsletter, Almost A Newsletter. The newsletter is free and contains tutorials about coding techniques and other interesting articles. Please visit his site BoogieJack.Com

The site is best viewed at a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher. Most pages can be viewed at 800 x 600, but some do not degrade well. This is especially true for the pages which use forms such as the "Contact Us" pages.

The Site Search Feature

As the site grew, it became evident that the ability to search the pages was necessary. A search engine was installed, which, for non-commercial sites, was free to use. Unfortunately, the search engine was sold and was no longer free to anyone. For several years the web master has been searching for a comparable engine to install. Several were found and reviewed, including Google Search. The service that best fit our needs is offered by FreeFind.

There are two types of subscription offered by FreeFind, paid and free subscriptions. The free subscription, which we use, contains ads on the results page, while the paid subscription does not. However, the ads are not intrusive and do not interfere with the service.

We chose FreeFind because of the ease of installation and customization of the results page. While the results page is really hosted on FreeFind’s servers, its appearance can be made to look like your visitor never left your site.

About the Web Master

George McCartney is the owner and web master of this site, responsible for its design, coding and maintenance. While the main theme of the site is the genealogy of his branch of the McCartney family tree, it also contains articles about genealogical and historical subjects. George and his oldest son, Michael, have been researching the family genealogy for almost twenty years.

While the family originated in Ireland, George was born and lives in the United States. Through a quirk of fate, Michael, though born in the US, now lives in the United Kingdom.