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Our Colophon

Pen and chalk image of a shoemaker; drawn by the webmaster.
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First, what is a colophon? According to the Mirriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, a colophon is:

colophon ~ noun
1: an inscription placed at the back of a book or manuscript usu. with facts about its production
2: an identifying mark, emblem, or device used by a printer or publisher

The second definition, that of a mark, emblem or device, is pertinent to our usage of the word. The colophon we have chosen is an ink and pastel chalk drawing of a bootmaker. The sketch, based on a statue in London, England, was drawn by the webmaster.

The cordwainer, more commonly known as a shoemaker, was a much followed profession in the webmaster's ancestry. Going back six generations, to the early 1800's, we have encoutered five bootmakers in the family. These included our great grandfather, his father, his brother, his grandfather and one of his uncles.

Other McCartneys from County Antrim, who we suspect are related but have not yet confirmed, were cordwainers. With so many McCartney shoe and boot makers, is there any wonder as to why we selected the cordwainer as our colophon? We think it is quite an appropriate choice.