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The entire content of the website entitled McCartney's Journeys in Genealogy (http://www.geomacc.com), hereinafter known as 'Journeys', is protected by copyright under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (opens a pdf) . The unauthorized use, reproduction or copying of any material from 'Journeys' will be in violation of said copyright.

Most of the articles on 'Journeys' have been written by the webmaster. No publication of such information as is found in the articles shall be incurred without the express written permission of the webmaster. The webmaster can be contacted at genealogy@geomacc.com. If such permission is granted, proper credit must be given to the webmaster. Portions of the articles on 'Journeys' may be used provided proper credit is given and, if used in websites, linked back to the original article on 'Journeys'.

Where articles or data have been submitted by others, the authors have been credited where the article appears. We appreciate the time taken to research, write and present the articles and thank the authors for sharing their knowledge. No permission to use these articles or parts thereof will be granted. The webmaster does not have authority to grant such permission since he is not the author.

Commercial use of any of the content of this site is strictly prohibited.

Graphics and Photographs

The two ship photographs used in the webmaster's family pages, the Columbia and the Lusitania, were purchased from The Ellis Island Foundation. We thank them for maintaining so much great genealogical data.

Photographs used on the webmaster's family pages are the property of the webmaster or members of his family.

No use of any nature, whether electronic or printed, of the photographs, graphics or images on 'Journeys' shall be made either by copying or directly linking to them. No authorization to use or link to any of the photographs, graphics or images will be granted.


The JavaScript that allows external links to open in new windows was developed by Kevin Yank and published in an article titled "New-Window Links in a Standards-Compliant World". The article was published on the web on 4 March 2003. With permission from SitePoint, the code was easily installed on this site virtually unchanged.

The image rollover JavaScript on the colophon page is open source code developed by Chris Poole. The source code is featured on Dynamic Drive. It was used on this site as it was written.

Copyright Information

If you would like more information about copyrighting, there is a website, WhoIsHostingThis? (opens a new window), that has an excellent tutorial. There are 22 pages of copyright information, including European and United States variations. The tutorial is here: The Ultimate Guide to Copyright (opens a new window).

If you are a blogger, there are issues with copyright that are specific to your work. This is another site with great information geared specifically to blogging: Blogger's Guide to Copyright and DMCA (opens a new window).

'Journeys' is not connected in any way with either of these sites. They are presented here for reference only.

Legal Information

No guarantees are made by the webmaster or any person contributing to 'Journeys', should such contributions be made in the future, regarding the accuracy, validity, completeness or reliability of the data presented or contained within the site.

Neither the webmaster nor the contributors to the site shall be held liable for improper or incorrect use of any information originating from 'Journeys' articles or postings. The webmaster of 'Journeys' disclaims any responsibility for the deletion or failure to post any information submitted.

Links to other sites are provided on various pages of 'Journeys'. The webmaster of 'Journeys' has no control over the content of those sites. Each site was reviewed by the webmaster and its content was pertinent to genealogical research at the time the link was placed on 'Journeys'. Subsequent changes to the linked-to site may have taken it out of the scope of original intent. The webmaster is not responsible for the content of or changes to those sites. In addition, the webmaster of 'Journeys' will periodically test all links on 'Journeys' to determine their validity. Any site which no longer exists on the World Wide Web or on which the content has changed to take it out of the genealogical or research categories will be removed from the 'Journeys' pages.

Privacy Policy

McCartney's Journeys in Genealogy website does not collect any information from its visitors. Should someone contribute an article for publication in our genealogical or historical sections, full credit will be given to the author. This will entail the author's name and, if the author so decides, his or her email address. A brief bio of the author will be published if it is supplied.

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