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McCartney's Journeys in Genealogy will, on occasion, be modified: page content may be changed, pages may be added for new topics and other pages removed. It is an on-going process to keep the site relevent.

This page will contain a list of the most recent changes, additions and/or deletions to the site. The changes will be shown in reverse chronological order.

Tuesday, 11 Sept 2018

Site Search: We have temptorarily removed the site search from Journeys due to a malfunction. We are investigating other site search software. The feature will be re-instated as soon as possible.

We are also investigating the loss of certain background appearances, namely the main masthead at the top of each page.

Saturday, 14 Jul 2018

My McCartney Genealogy: A great number of changes were made to the McCartney ahnentafel and to many of the biographies. These changes, too numerous to detail here, were made to add additional information and to ensure that all the data correctly corresponds to the family tree.

Tuesday, 10 Apr 2018

Our Site Map: added links to pages about our colophon, helpful links and site development.

Friday, 30 Mar 2018

All pages: added FreeFind Site Search box to all pages on the site.

About Us: added a description of the FreeFind search engine and why we chose their service.

Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018

McCartney's Journeys in Genealogy: added FreeFind free search engine for site search capabilities.

Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018

World War 1, Briefly: added a brief discussion about the Great War.

Monday, 12 Mar 2018

John McCartney 1897-1982: replaced the data about John's military service with a link to a new page with more details.

John McCartney's Military Experience: This is a new page with more details about John McCartney and World War 1.

Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018

All pages: added a link to our Copyright and Privacy page on the main navigation panel.

Copyright and Privacy: Fixed a broken link to a site about what copyright is and how to use it.